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Michelin Summer Tyres

Michelin summer tyres – undergoing development since early times

Surveys show again and again that summer tyres by Michelin are extremely popular with drivers. One reason for their excellent reputation among consumers is the long-lasting performance of Michelin summer tyres. Over the years, this made Michelin one of the top original equipment manufacturers chosen by many popular car brands. Their products undergo continuous development. The company puts a percentage of their annual sales into research. Drivers also benefit from the company’s experience as a supplier to Formula 1. Consistent development results in excellent quality summer tyres for unparalleled levels of comfort and convenience while driving.

Michelin summer tyres - high demand for warm seasons

Michelin offers balanced summer tyres that roll smoothly on all road surfaces. Michelin summer tyres score points with short braking distances on wet grounds and high reserves for aquaplaning. Summer tyres by Michelin also provide maximum safety and control on dry grounds. Additional benefits are a very low rolling noise, comfortable suspension and extraordinary durability and longevity. Michelin has regularly innovation in the summer tyre area – and the same applies to any other Michelin subsidiaries. The Newest is the Michelin CrossClimate pattern - a summer tyre with winter tyre symbol. They are a good solution if you need to use winter tyres in summer conditions.

Michelin motorcycle tyres – reducing the fuel consumption

When it comes to lowering fuel consumption, picking the right tyre is of great significance. Michelin places a great deal of importance on producing so-called Energy Saver tyres for personal vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles alike. The focus here is on efficiency and climate protection. Michelin summer tyres with low rolling resistance help to decrease today’s CO2 emissions. Since the development of “green tyres” in the 1990s, Michelin has been playing a significant role in reducing global fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. If all cars and lorries in Europe rolled on “green tyres”, Europe could save about 4.5 billion litres of diesel and 1.5 billion litres of petrol annually. It is the right tyre that brings a vehicle’s performance and comfortable handling to perfection. Michelin summer tyres come with perfect properties.

Michelin summer tyres – top results during tests

German “Gute Fahrt” magazine finds Michelin summer tyres to be definitely worth recommending. In their review, Michelin’s Pilot Sport 3 won a leading position – especially when it comes to handling on wet roads. This Michelin summer tyre received appreciation for great stability and only a low tendency to understeer. The braking results on wet and dry grounds were also outstanding. German magazine “Sportauto” has been regularly reviewing Michelin tyres, including Michelin Pilot Sport Cup+. Testers were especially enthusiastic about the direct, quick steering response and great grip of Michelin summer tyres. Browse for Michelin tyres offers on eiretyres.com, the website that has attractive prices against superior performance. The Michelin tyres price may vary, but it will always be on the budget side.

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