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Summer tyres

Summer tyres are specifically designed to provide optimal performance at temperatures exceeding roughly 7°C. In Ireland, it is recommended to have them fitted to your car between April and October. Quality summer tyres ensure broad safety margins on both dry and wet roads and easily outperform winter tyres of similar quality in warmer weather.

Optimal performance with summer tyres

The rubber compounds of summer tyres are harder and less flexible than the comparatively soft winter compounds. This gives summer tyres superior stability as well as better fuel economy and lower wear. Also, summer tread patterns feature less ample siping, giving them more contact surface with the road and better grip - as well as making them less prone to vibrations and rolling noise.
Doubtlessly, summer tyres are the ideal choice for performance, comfort, and efficiency during the warmer months. They are usually sold at lower prices than equivalent all-season and winter models, thanks to less complex production processes. But keep in mind to take them off when temperatures drop!

Not only are summer tyres completely inadequate for driving on ice and snow, but also outperformed by winter tyres even in cold-wet conditions (around 0 to 5-7°C). Only use summer tyres within the temperature range they were designed for, and they will serve you well.

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