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Michelin Pilot Sport 3

Max performance MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 summer tyres

Max Performance MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 falls in the MICHELIN Pilot series of high speed and low profile summer tyres. At first, these tyres were developed for Original Equipment for some of the world’s luxurious and most wanted performance sedans and sports cars. The tyres offer a combination of world-class handling, cornering and dry road traction. Just like all other summer tyres, these tyres are also not intended to be used in cold temperature or near-freezing conditions, on ice or through the snow.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3–technical details and features

Looking at the exterior of Pilot Sport 3—it two different tread rubber mixtures is introduced. One is hybrid silica and carbon black compound that starts from the tyre's outer shoulder and goes all along across the tread until the time it meets a high-silica mixture that also goes all along to the tyre’s inside shoulder. Circumferential tread channels are kept wide so that more resistance could be attained against hydroplaning and better traction in wet conditions.The interior structure of tyre hold high-tractable twin steel belts reinforced with intertwined arms to make sure that car’s weight is equally distributed across each tyre. This gives uniform ride stability and durability.The tread pattern also provides better grip in both dry and wet conditions as a result of more grooves for water dispersion. The grooved tread mixtures make sure that the tyre gives maximum handling. Purchase these tyres at eiretyres.com today!

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