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All-season tyres

Modern all-season tyres are competent generalists that offer good functionality within a very broad temperature range. They are often provided by vehicle manufacturers as original equipment and also quite popular on the replacement market. After all, having a set of tyres that you can use all year round is very convenient. If you decide that all-seasons are best for you, eiretyres.com has a huge selection of models, at very competitive prices.

All year-round quality with eiretyres.com

Compared with winter tyres, all-season tyres generally deliver up to 90-95% of the performance on ice and snow, while coping much better with warmer conditions - although, naturally, they are not quite as good as dedicated summer tyres in this role. The compromise may seem less attractive to performance-focused drivers, but many motorists find the convenience and practicality of all-season tyres quite seductive.

Traditional all-season models are basically winter tyres designed to be more tolerant of use during the warm season. There is, however, a growing tendency to introduce models that offer more summer-tyre-like performance, durability and mileage - at the expense of some cold weather prowess. Such models retain the competence of winter tyres in cold-wet conditions, and are still greatly superior to summer tyres on frozen surfaces. As always, we provide variety, and the choice is yours.

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