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Mobility-optimized tires are conquering the market

Nobody wants to experience a flat tire. The car breaks down on the route - possibly even in a confusing or dangerous place. The damage must be inspected and repaired before proceeding.

The defective tire must be replaced with a spare tire or an emergency wheel so that the journey to the nearest workshop is possible. But even with a spare tire and tools, changing tires off the busy road can be a nightmare. On the one hand the constantly moving cars, on the other hand the danger that the wheel bolts cannot be loosened even with the best equipment. To address such problems, tire manufacturers have developed self-sealing mobility tires . A distinction is made between different technologies - from Runflat to Seal to DriveGuard. We define the technical characteristics.

Run-flat tyres

Tyre Hole Run-flat tires are supported by their self-supporting rubber sidewalls in the event of tire pressure loss. These consist of a rubber compound that ensures tire stability when damage occurs. In addition, a built-in bead prevents the tire from jumping out of the rim. It is possible to continue driving up to a distance of 80 kilometers at a maximum speed of 80 km/h (if the tire loses air after damage). In the event of damage with subsequent loss of pressure, sensors sound the alarm so that the driver is aware of the breakdown. Depending on the model, such sensors are either located directly in the tire, where they measure temperature and pressure, or the ABS sensor signals are evaluated.

Thanks to run-flat tires, the driver saves a longer waiting time until breakdown assistance shows up. Instead, the nearest workshop can be driven directly to. Runflat tires are available as summer tires and winter tires in the shop at reifendirekt.de. Depending on the manufacturer, run-flat tires have different labels. Continental, for example, designates its run-flat tires with SST, the abbreviation for Self Supporting Tyre.

Here you can see our top tires in the run-flat category:

Simply select tire size and speed index and find the ideal tyre

SEAL tires

In contrast to run-flat tyres, seal tires can even be repaired. These are self-sealing tires. The concept of self-sealing tires is that in the event of a puncture, the tire can self-seal the puncture. This is made possible by a special sticky compound attached to the inside of the tire. This mass encloses the intruder, for example a nail. As soon as this is pulled out, the mass seals the hole. It is pressed into the hole by the air pressure inside the tire. The mass thus seals the hole and enables a trouble-free journey to the next workshop.

In contrast to run-flat tires, Seal technology requires neither a tire pressure monitoring system nor special rims. And: It can be used in any vehicle.

One of the manufacturers who developed the SEAL technology is Continental with the product ContiSeal. The special ContiSeal tires work with this new technology and allow damage up to five millimeters in diameter to be sealed.

Although the technology is classified as safe, manufacturers recommend a tire pressure monitoring system to be on the safe side . Apart from that, the sealed tire is roadworthy as usual without having to adjust the operation of the car or the driving behavior. However, the legislator provides for an immediate check by a specialist, so that the way to the workshop is still necessary.

Check out our top tires in the SEAL category:

Simply select tire size and speed index and find the ideal tyre

DriveGuard tires

The technology in DriveGuard tires is based on newly developed cooling fins - the so-called 'cooling fins' . Their outer walls are reinforced and therefore particularly resilient on the tread. In addition, the side walls are more robust and therefore less susceptible to damage.

Attention: A warning system is mandatory so that the driver even notices that his vehicle has a flat tire! Anyone who uses DriveGuard tires has had to have electronic tire pressure detection in their vehicle since 2014.

The Bridgestone support ring

Also developed by the Bridgestone brand: the Bridgestone Back-up Ring (BSR). With this, a metal ring is fitted under the tread of the tire . This ensures that the stability of the tire increases greatly. However, BSR tires cannot currently be fitted to every vehicle. Special equipment is required for assembly, which has so far been reserved for the Toyota network.

Never get stuck with a flat tyre again

Tire manufacturers have declared war on punctures and are constantly developing new technologies to increase driving comfort and safety. Below are some tire highlights - available in our shop:

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