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Truck tyres

High quality truck tyres

If you have a transport business then you are aware that the trucks and trailers are the lifeline of your business and not just the business but even how much of the country’s economy depends a lot on transport which leads to your transporting vehicle and most importantly its tyres.Eiretyres.com offers very well-known premium brands which offer the high end technology and the manufacturing process which brings revolutionary industrial and commercial tyres on the road. The truck tyres offer a lot starting from a huge line of tyres variety which is specially made for the commercial use application. The tyres prioritize on satisfying its customers with tyre’s safety, dependability and cost-viability for city, highways, on off-road terrains, and cold driving conditions.

Built quality and advanced technology used in truck tyres

Truck tyres are built with wide base technology which ensures that your fleet lessen tyre weight and save you a lot of cost on expense per mile. Not only fuel efficiency, these tyres are incorporated with extra anti side and wet skit resistance so that your valuable goods that are being transported are safe with the safe ride. These tyres also take care of high speed and high load ability. You transport faster with a lot less noise with these truck tyres.Multiple branded truck tyres are available on different tyre size and cater your need for front load or back load tyres. At eiretyres.com, you may buy these tyres cheaper than the actual sale price.

Choose quality and high performance:

  • Over 100 tyre brands like Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Avon, Michelin, Nexen, etc.
  • Tyres for every budget
  • Over 35.000 tyre profiles
  • We only sell quality tyres

Tyres at small prices:

  • Customers inform us that the prices listed on www.eiretyres.com are about 25% lower than with other sellers
  • Our prices include VAT, packaging and shipping costs for delivery within Ireland.