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Winter tyres

Winter tyres are cold weather specialists designed to provide high safety margins below temperatures of roughly 7°C as well as good traction on frozen surfaces. Most modern winter tyres are actually cold weather tyres and their benefits apply in all low-grip conditions at lower temperatures. Specialist ice and snow tyres, such as studded tyres, are nowadays considered niche products. Numerous tests by manufacturers, government agencies and independent motoring clubs and their publications have established the superiority of winter tyres during the cold season. A less known aspect is the fact that even in cold-wet conditions, like a rainy day at a few degrees above the freezing point, winter tyres ensure better traction, handling, and braking power than equivalent-quality summer tyres.

Stay safe and comfortable during winter

Of course, you will chiefly be able to appreciate the talents of winter tyres when roads are covered by sleet, slush, snow or ice. Winter tread patterns are much more open and ample than their summer counterparts, featuring a vast arsenal of capacious grooves, sipes, microsipes, and pronounced tread blocks with numerous biting edges. All this panoply allows cold weather tyres to generate roughly 50% more traction on snow and ice than summer tyres.

Braking tests between high-end winter and summer models also reveal up to 60-70% more braking power for winter tyres on ice and snow-covered roads as well as greatly superior ability to hold the line during hard cornering. Cold weather tyres have M+S (mud and snow) markings on the sidewall and many also feature the snowflake symbol, indicating superior competence in harsh winter condition. At eiretyres.com, you will find the greatest diversity of winter tyres anywhere, at excellent prices.

Prices include VAT and delivery within Ireland.