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Tyres for electric and hybrid cars

With increasing registration figures, electric cars and vehicles with hybrid drives are no longer just a trend, but slowly becoming a permanent part of the market. Naturally, special tyres are needed for electric cars (or electric vehicles in general) and hybrids.

What to consider when choosing tyres

Safe grip, high driving comfort and nevertheless extremely economical - these are the specifications. No easy task for the tyre industry. Developing good tyres for electric vehicles requires intensive research. Premium manufacturers in particular are willing to invest the necessary capital in innovations that provide more range without neglecting safety. Conventional tyre models with low rolling resistance (recognisable by AA label values) and high load capacity may also be suitable. Or you can play it safe and opt for so-called homologated tyres, which are approved by the car manufacturer specifically for your vehicle. You can find out whether this is the case for you in our tyre search above under the tab “About car selection”. In our online shop, we can offer you tyres specially tailored to these requirements.

What are manufacturers' latest tyres?

Michelin ePrimacy In the meantime, the term 'tall and narrow' has become established for tyres for electric cars. This refers to tyres with a large circumference and a narrow tread, i.e. tyres designed specifically for electric cars. Some well-known manufacturers now offer special tyres for electric cars:

  • Michelin ePrimacy
    with up to 7% more range for electric vehicles, tyre sizes from 15 to 20 inches
  • Continental EcoContact 6
    lower fuel consumption, high mileage, high-tech silica compound
  • Hankook Kinergy Eco 2
    optimised for fuel efficiency, reduced tyre rolling noise, improved traction on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Kumho Wattrun VS31
    extremely lightweight thanks to the use of state-of-the-art materials, rolling resistance optimised for maximum fuel efficiency, quiet and comfortable handling

Requirements for tyres for electric cars

  • Safety
    As always, the rule is: Safety first! Tyres for electric cars must guarantee both appropriate grip and short braking distances, especially in adverse weather conditions. The second letter on the tyre label - ideally an A - indicates very good braking properties in wet conditions.
  • Low rolling resistance & higher load capacity
    Electric cars are usually heavier because of the massive batteries they contain. The tyres used must therefore master the balancing act between the increased load on the one hand and the resulting higher rolling resistance, tyre wear and energy consumption on the other. Some tyre manufacturers offer tyres with the XL marking for heavier vehicles. Achieving the lowest possible rolling resistance (efficiency class A) remains the goal, because it is clear: the lower the resistance, the higher the range.
  • Torque
    Due to the electric drive, higher torques act on the tyres of electric and hybrid vehicles at the start of acceleration than is usual for petrol or diesel vehicles. This additionally affects the mileage
  • Low noise
    A low noise level certainly increases the driving comfort. Since electric cars are generally very quiet, this should also be kept in mind when choosing tyres.

Popular electric cars & matching tires

Label: A-A-68

Can the EU tyre label help me choose the right tyres for my electric car?

Yes, because the EU tyre label provides information on the characteristics of the tyre in the following three areas:

a)  Efficiency class

b)  Wet adhesion

c)  Noise emissions

A good tire especially for electric cars should have an A in the categories efficiency class and wet grip. Car owners who attach great importance to driving comfort, choose a tire with a low decibel value. Because the lower the number, the smoother the tire runs. Particularly quiet tires are also marked with a wave symbol.

Which suitable tyres does eiretyres.com recommend for your electric car?

Below are some tyre highlights - available in our shop: