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Michelin Tyres


Michelin tyres – quality and performance reflect their fame

Michelin tyres are well known all over the world. Michelin is a famous French tyre manufacturer, founded in 1889 with its headquarters based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Michelin designs tyres for every type of vehicle, from bicycles, vans, light cars, heavy equipment, to aircraft and space shuttles. What’s even more impressive is that Michelin invented the radial tyre (a technology used in racing), the removable tyre and the pneurail (tyre for trains that run on rails). The company’s tyres are also used in MotoGP and Formula One. Michelin is one of the biggest racing sponsors along side Bridgestone and Goodyear. You can find Michelin tyres can be found in almost every store that sells car parts.

Michelin tyres – known worldwide for their innovations

Michelin’s products cover an array of vehicle configurations, from small cars to large ones. Furthermore, the Michelin brand offers every type of tyre for every kind of weather and road. Michelin’s fame didn’t happen by accident, it came after more than one hundred years of engineering and experience. This resulted in quality tyres for all kinds of vehicles, from luxury cars to high performance racing machines. Their tyres come with improved tread life that lasts longer in harsh weather conditions and boosted traction when driving over snowy or wet roads. Michelin is also one of the leading tyre manufacturers that makes a mission out of reducing environmental pollution. You can purchase the famous Michelin tyres on eiretyres.com.

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