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Michelin Primacy HP

MICHELIN Primacy HP – high speed driving and attractive prices

MICHELIN Pilot Primacy HP are high-end summer tyres and are designed for use on high-speed passenger cars. The tyres impress with their quality characteristics and combine all the best features of the famous French manufacturer. The tread pattern of the tire has an asymmetrical directional character, which is peculiar to specifically high-speed models. On the tread, there are no large block elements, which makes it possible to perfectly accelerate and maintain high speed. Four longitudinal integral grooves, together with the lateral and central zone lamellas, contribute to the excellent removal of the water mass from the MICHELIN Pilot Primacy HP tyres.

The probability of hazardous aquaplaning is reduced to the minimum value. Coupling characteristics of the presented rubber are the main distinguishing features of the product. Michelin Pilot Primacy HP tyres are designed according to the proprietary technology of A.S.M. (Architecture, structure and materials). Method A.S.M. guarantees an incredible balance in all respects: grip, braking, driving stability, acoustic comfort and wear.

Advantages of the summer high-speed MICHELIN Pilot Primacy HP tyres

Use of modern technologies (ASM, BAZ, Full Silice, ElastoSPORT) improved running characteristics (traction, braking, wear, acoustic comfort).The elasticity of the product is achieved due to its innovative rubber composition. The main components are silicones and a special ElastoSPORT compound. The first component supports elasticity of rubber and resistance to high temperatures. The second improves grip at high speeds. Special rubber composition also guarantees a unique flexibility of the product, which leads to an increase in the contact spot, which results in improved stability indicators for maneuvers.

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