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Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Michelin Pilot Super Sport – a blueprint of excellent performance

The Michelin is an innovative and advanced global company that offers you high quality tyres which meet the needs of all consumers and users from motorists to the most demanding enthusiasts of the motorsports. Focusing on the tyre business, designing and distributing the most suitable tyres, services and solutions for the clients, company exceeds the demands of the world’s most dynamic markets. The brand is reckoned as the 10th biggest tyre manufacturer in the world. It has released a range of well-received products for all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, vans, aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles etc.). Pilot Super Sport tyres are born from endurance racing for the most delightful drive! It will help you upgrade trips and travels and make them a unique and remarkable experience.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport- integration of optimal productivity and safety

Since their debut in 2011, these tyres were used in different rides, competitions. Undoubtedly, they have become a top choice for many drivers. Initially introduced as Original outfit on the world's most exquisite performance vehicles, including Ferrari's fastest road car ever, it has become the benchmark of productivity and safety. Developed for drivers who care about how tyre technology enhances and improves their vehicle's safety, these tyres are designed to deliver endurance and extend thread wear, stability, handling, control, and draft. They make braking performance just outstanding. You can benefit from these advantages by looking through a large offer of products available at eiretyres.com. Place your order now to improve your driving experience. Excellent choices, good prices, fast delivery.

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