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Vredestein Summer Tyres

Vredestein summer tyres – a history in quality

The Vredestein Company was founded in the Netherlands in 1909 and showed a spirit of innovation, design, safety and quality early on. The development of foldable spare tyres especially received a lot of curious attention. Vredestein summer tyres’ high quality and performance have been acknowledged in numerous tests by well-known magazines. They made tyres for all types of vehicles (from cars to SUVs and vans) but also for every season (from all-season to summer and winter). The Vredestein summer tyres captured a lot of attention due to the fact that the tyres could perform – but also because they looked good. In 1997, Vredestein signed a contract with an Italian design agency called Giugiaro – a company that devoted all of their attention to creating high-performing tread designs. They are also fairly popular for their Vredestein all season tyres – one fair example being the Quatrac Vredestein.

Vredestein summer tyres – low noise, high performance

Vredestein summer tyres stand for first-class comfort on wet and dry roads. This is achieved by the low rolling noise of Vredestein summer tyres. The special tread pattern makes for super-smoothness in running – with a left and right profile pattern that is offset from the tyre’s mid-section. Vredestein’s summer tyre “ULTRAC,” for instance, is one of the top tyres in the high-performance segment. The unique full silica-silane tread compound makes for optimal grip and safe handling – on all road surfaces and irrespective of weather conditions. The high results were obvious in Vredestein winter tyres – but every Vredestein tyres review also pointed out that the responsiveness brought by the summer tyres was almost unmatched when it came to tyres of this category.

Vredestein UK – highest marks in reviews

At the summer tyre test in 2012 conducted by Germany’s largest automobile club ADAC, Vredestein “SPORTRAC” won high marks for handling on dry and wet surfaces. The German magazine “sport auto” made Vredestein’s “ULTRAC” their 2012 favourite when it came to driving in wet conditions. The tyre offers great water dispersion adding to safety when facing aquaplaning risks. The comprehensive tyre review 2012 by the German magazine “Auto Bild” awarded Vredestein “SPORTRAC” the distinction “exemplary.” If you are looking for these tyres, you should know that the Vredestein tyres prices are generally low – but still different, depending on where you plan to purchase them from. You may want to look for Vredestein summer tyres on eiretyres.com, the place where low prices and high-quality mix in a great combo.

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