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Vredestein Sportrac 5

Vredestein Sportrac 5: sporty performance and energetic convenience

The Vredestein Sportrac 5 is a summer tire for sporty cars that offers great driving control. The Italian design house Giugiaro Design collaborated with the dutch brand to the creation of the sporty appearance of this product.Vredestein is one of the oldest tire-manufacturers on the planet and in its early years it produced any kind of rubber goods. Over time, the company focused on wheels only and in 2009 it was acquired by the Apollo Tyres Ltd (an Indian company).The Sportrac 5 was created especially for passionate drivers who enjoy pushing their cars to the limits and want a first-class handling performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

Characteristics of the Verdestein Sportrac 5

The scheme of the tread allows a better traction because of the large surface that keeps the contact with the road. Furthermore, the materials don't deform at high speed, so these tyres always offer the same reliable performance.This product also has optimized grooves and tread depth, which allows high energy efficiency scores and short braking distances.While the large tread patterns and grooves help to reach extremely low levels of noise.If you are interested in buying some outstanding tyres that perfectly suit your needs, check out our site: eiretyres.com. You can count on a very large list of brands and tire types, on a wide-spread network of installation service partners and on delivery in short time.