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Vredestein Tyres


Vredestein tyres –100 years of heritage

Vredestein is a Dutch based tyre manufacturer which manufactures and designs tyres for a wide range of vehicle type. From cars to commercial vehicles and tractors to bikes, Vredestein tyres cater for all.Vredestein prides itself in its one hundred year old heritage; which makes Vredestein one of the oldest tyres manufacturing brand in the world!The brand believes in innovation and plans for the future. Rubber has been an integral part of Vredestein history dating back from 20th century. Over the years the brand has evolved and innovated according to driving conditions and manners, meanwhile, they kept the core values intact.

Types and details of Vredestein tyres

At Vredestein, technology is everything! The tyres are designed with a lot of latest technologies. The core objective is to achieve maximum performance of every vehicle. Vredestein has invested a huge sum of money and expertise in safety, fuel economy and handling. The new tyres are tested rigorously before they are put out to manufacturing stage. Each years, the R&D department of Vredestein tests and studies hundreds of kilometers and not stop until they’ve found the perfect tread for the road.The brand has produced tyres for four seasons and aced in all. Quatrac Vredestein is a market leader. It was introduced in 1993. Since then, the tyres have seen exponential progress.A wide range of Vredestein tyres are available at eiretyres.com for you to choose from. Get yours today at discounted prices!

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