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Sava Tyres


Sava tyres - long history, test-driven development, respect for the environment

Sava, one of the top-notch European manufacturers of high quality tyres, traces its history way back to 1921 when its first small rubber factory was open in Kranj, Slovenia. Sava tyres have been well known for their timeless European quality and considerate customer care for almost a hundred years now. It’s really amazing how this Slovenian company gradually developed into a well-known international brand with deep European roots reinforced by collaboration with the Goodyear company.

Sava tyres quality will wow you!

The company believes that quality control is the crucial stage in tyres manufacturing. The engineers have developed an innovative testing procedure to ensure that Sava tyres will never let drivers down on the road. This procedure consists of 50 separate tests that guarantee high durability and great performance of the tyres even in rough conditions on the road. These tyres can boast of reliable both dry and wet handling as well as excellent braking and cornering grip. The tyres’ performance in bad weather conditions is thoroughly tested before the final product hits the market.

The Sava company follows European environmental guidelines, that is why the tyres they produce are developed with regard to the best fuel efficiency. The manufacturer uses state-of-the-art technologies to minimise external noise so that you can rest assured that you do not harm the environment. Choosing to buy Sava tyres at eiretyres.com you can be sure that you buy a European quality product, which was developed with respect for the environment and your own safety.

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