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Sava Summer Tyres

Sava summer tyres – what makes a reputable manufacturer

Sava started producing high-quality tyres in 1946, being known as one of the leading tyre producers based in Europe. At that time, it was called The Sava Rubber Products Company. In the years that followed, the manufacturer kept expanding, in order to enhance its production of tyres. To be more precise, in 1965, it obtained a massive accomplishment, by engineering the first Sava tubeless and high-speed tyres. What is more, 1972 was the year that monitored the creation of the first belt radial tyres for passenger cars. Over the years, Goodyear started purchasing shares from Sava Corporation and, ultimately, in 2004, Goodyear became the official owner of Sava tyres, which is now referred to as Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tyres. Essentially, by incorporating state-of-the-art technology with innovative tread patterns, Sava summer tyres distinguish themselves due to their outstanding grip and manoeuvrability in typical summer driving conditions.

Sava summer tyres – enjoy the unique sports feeling

Driving in the summer can be a relaxing activity – as long as you equip your vehicle accordingly. That is to say, if you enjoy testing your car’s limits and you want to relish the typical sports feeling linked to driving, investing in Sava summer tyres will help you experience that. For example, the Sava Intensa UHP offers outstanding performance in both dry and wet conditions, not to mention that it releases minimum noise. Ideally, you should look for a Sava Intensa UHP review if you want to find out more. So, if you’re wondering “are Sava tyres any good?”, you should know that they are reliable, and the price-quality ratio is optimal. The same applies in the case of Sava motorcycle tyres, which are just as long-lasting.

Sava summer tyres - reliable tyres at convenient prices

In the summer tyre segment, one can choose from various models such as the Perfecta and Intensa HP, or the Intensa UHP – which we already mentioned. These are tyres for compact and medium cars, having good rolling resistance. When it comes to off-road tyres, Sava has created the Intensa SUV which is a tough tyre that offers peerless manoeuvrability on wet and dry roads. For owners of trucks and light commercial vans, Sava recommends the Trenta model. Our experts can help you choose the correct Sava summer tyres for your vehicle. Order directly online, from eiretyres.com, if you want to take advantage of our unbeatable prices.

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