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Sava All season Tyres

Sava all season tyres – from America via Europe

Sava is a Slovenian-based manufacturer that first appeared in the industry in 1998. However, some sources stated that in one form or another, this company’s predecessor was making tyres since 1920. According to them, four businessmen gathered and put together a plan to start a company together. At first, they dealt with distributing rubber materials, but later, they decided to focus on manufacturing instead. Since then, a long time has passed and who runs the business now inherited valuable knowledge about making quality products. In 2006, this Slovenian company was acquired by the giant Goodyear and today, it is one of the most successful manufacturers in Slovenia, making summer tyres, winter tyres and high-quality and affordable Sava all season tyres.

Sava all season tyres – forget about the weather conditions

Now that you found out who makes Sava tyres, let’s talk about what this company delivers, shall we? Since we are talking about the Sava all season tyres, we should talk about the Sava Adapto HP. This kind of tyre is able to deliver high levels of performance regardless of the weather you encounter. If you’re driving a high-performance car, then you could benefit from the Adapto HP, as it will reduce the fuel consumption, thus allowing you to save a few bucks. Also, it is an affordable pick-up and that can only be a plus. Regardless of the season, you will be offered ideal handling and a firm grip that will leave you feeling completely secure.

Sava all season tyres – reduced noise and comfort

Are you curious about what other features are included in the Sava Adapto? Well, besides the benefit of being available regardless of the season, thus reducing the nuisance of buying summer or winter tyres, this model of Sava all season tyres won’t turn your car into a noisy bother. Moreover, coming with a convenient resistance to aquaplaning, this set of tyres won’t have you worry about its braking capabilities. From those boiling hot summer days to icy or snowy roads, this product is able to deal with almost anything. If you are decided, then you can head on to eiretyres.com and find the right set of tyres for your beloved vehicle.

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