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Michelin All season Tyres

Michelin all season tyres – a powerful brand

When you hear the name “Michelin,” you immediately think “a cute name.” However, when Michelin made their first tyre, cute was the last thing that passed through their mind. They wanted to make a tyre that would be strong enough to handle any kind of weather – no matter if it’s summer or winter. Due to that ambition, the first Michelin all season tyres came to be. These tyres were made to handle high temperatures and road friction as well as below-freezing temps. Therefore, a good all-season tyre from Michelin will not only keep its pressure in high heats – but will also not crack when exposed to low temperatures. One good example is the Michelin CrossClimate Plus, the tyre model that helps you cross through various climates and not have to change them even once.

Michelin all season tyres – convenience meets versatility

Summer tyres and winter tyres are fairly expensive – especially when you have to buy them all at once. Not only do you have to pay for eight tyres (and their spares), but you will also have to pay to have them installed in the event that you can’t do it yourself. In these cases, it’s better to pay just for four of them that you won’t ever have to change. Therefore, if you are planning a trip from Norway to Greece, you’d be able to use the Michelin all season tyres without any issues. For example, the Michelin CrossClimate SUV should not have any problems with snow, even though the cargo is bigger.

Michelin all season tyres – passing every test

Before being launched for the people to use, the company did a Michelin CrossClimate test in order to ensure that everything works properly. Not only did the tyre have superior traction on snow and ice, but it also proved to be very durable on high-temperature roads as well. The resistance to friction was superior, as it was with all Michelin all season tyres. Most Michelin tyres got great results, mostly thanks to the fact that they had a special silica infusion. This way, they were flexible enough not to crack at low temps – but thick enough not to lose their shape at high temperatures. You may look for Michelin all season tyres on eiretyres.com, the online tyre retailer that provides affordable tyres anywhere in Europe, without forgoing their high performance and durability.

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