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Dunlop Summer Tyres

Dunlop summer tyres - innovative technology for sporty rides

All developments by Dunlop have one aim: The perfect combination of safety and driving comfort. Additionally, the low rolling resistance leads to decreased fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. Dunlop summer tyres also score with low rolling noise and great suspension. Summer tyres by Dunlop have high safety margins when facing aquaplaning risks and ensure steering precision. This enables the driver to quickly react to changes in weather conditions.

Dunlop summer tyres - special sporty tyres

Dunlop relies on TOUCH TECHNOLOGY for all developments. This gives the driver constant feedback as to how much the summer tyres are in sync with the car and road. Dunlop summer tyres' sportive product lines are extremely popular among drivers. For example, the summer tyre SP Sport 01 is a perfect series production tyre for mid-range and luxury cars. What is special is its asymmetrical - not directional - tread pattern. The contact surface is split up into three separate areas. Dunlop summer tyres also have extra strong sidewalls. They make a car with summer tyres by Dunlop extremely stable when driving. It’s also precise when it comes to cornering control. Every Dunlop tyres review can attest to their quality, proving furthermore that their performance is unmatched. If you are the kind of person that uses winter tyres in both winter and summer, then it might be a good time to purchase a set of summer tyres as well.

Dunlop tyres UK – high marks for high quality

Germany's most influential automobile association, ADAC, granted best grades at their 2012 summer tyre review. Testers found that summer tyres by Dunlop show excellent performance on dry and wet roads. The low wear and tear of Dunlop summer tyres make for long-lasting driving fun. German magazine "Auto Motor Und Sport" considers summer tyres by Dunlop highly recommendable. Reviewers found that the major assets were extraordinary cornering force, exceptional performance when facing aquaplaning risks and good deceleration under dry conditions. Their responsiveness was quick and accurate, and the superior handling also allows you to tackle turns, twists, and other obstacles in an efficient manner. The Dunlop tyres prices vary depending on the size and model that you get – but if you shop smart, you will definitely get a good deal. Start by browsing through the eiretyres.com catalogue, the tyre retailer in Europe that brings you low prices and high quality – regardless if you are in the UK or not.

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