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Dunlop Sport Maxx RT

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT – reliable and perfect tyres for your better driving experience

This is the most suitable solution for those who are looking for reliable summer car tyres. They will bring you a brand new level of comfort and safety. A lot of effort was spent on development of Dunlop Sport Maxx RT in order to implement technologies that are used for racing tyres. Indeed, RT stands for Racing Technology. The main feature of this model has found its reflection in the way it can combine high operating parameters with a great level of comfort. It will be a real find for those who like to drive fast. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT allows you to spend less fuel than its predecessors. Moreover, using these tyres makes the car much more obedient when braking.

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT – your excellent choice

In fact, these tyres proved that nothing is impossible. As expert tests show, these tyres demonstrate the best performance when it comes to braking capabilities. In comparison with the similar tyres, the Dunlop SP Sport MAXX RT tyres have achieved a sufficient reduction in braking distance, up to 7%. Special solid blocks are responsible for stabilizing the braking, like the directed wedge-shaped grooves in the figure, contribute to a clear response of the wheels to a sudden drop of speed to zero.Unlike competitors, Dunlop SP Sport MAXX RT tyres have 11% lower rolling resistance, which is possible due to the use of a special polymer. It also came from the world of racing technology. Feel free to order these tyres right now at eiretyres.com.

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