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Dunlop Sport BluResponse

Dunlop Sport BluResponse Ultra High Performance Summer tyre

Dunlop is a household name in the tyres industry around the world. With over decades of tyre manufacturing experience, Dunlop produces one of the best tyres for a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, SUVs, 4x4, Crossovers, light truck and commercial vehicles.The Dunlop Sport BluResponse ultra-high performance summer tyre is a treat to your high-end passenger car. Whether you want to hit the highway or drive to the beach in your performance car, these are the tyres which will get the work done for you.The tyres offer maximum comfort and superior braking. Even in the adverse conditions like wet road, the braking works perfectly.

Technical details of Dunlop Sport BluResponse tyres

The tyres offer low rolling resistance with its new tread design and technological advancement. They also work great when it comes to wet and dry braking and straight aquaplaning. The tyres hold a wide array of qualities in itself. In 9 tests conducted to test the tyres, Dunlop toped in six!These tyres have a life of at least 45,000 kilometers or more if used with care. A lot of users of this tyre report having significant fuel economy. To get the maximum out of these tyres, it is advised that you rotate them every 5000 kilometers.Overall these tyres are a great deal for money keeping in mind the exceptional qualities they offer. At eiretyres.com, these tyres are available in all sizes. Buy today and get discount!

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