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Continental Tyres


Continental tyres online

''Continental-Caoutchouc-und Gutta-Percha Compagnie'' was esthablished in Hannover, Germany in 1871 as a joint stock company. Initially, the company's product range included solid tyres for carriages and bicycles. Well-known for delivering excellent braking capabilities, great handling, comfort and safety through technical innovation and daring design, Continental is the number one choice for the world’s top-rated vehicle manufacturers - one in three new cars made in Europe is equipped with Continetal tyres.

A broad range of premium Continental tyres on eiretyres.com

Customers can choose from a vaste catalogue of summer, winter and all-season Continental products on Eiretyres.com, all designed to equip passenger vehicles, off-road vehicles, vans, motorcycles and bycicles.
As an example of Continental summer excellence, take a look at the Continental Ecocontact 3. A top-rated seller in the premium summer tyre segment, the Ecocontact 3 ensures best performance levels on both wet and dry roads, fact proven by various specialized tests.Tackle winter harshness with the Continental Winter Contact TS 800, a great cold-season model for compact class vehicles. Well-known in the industry for its fuel saving charachteristics, it also provides great grip on ice and snow covered roads, ensuring all the needed comfort and safety required when driving during changing weather conditions. The all-season model Continental VancoFourSeason is an all-weather tyre designed for vans and multi-purpose vehicles. It delivers excellent traction in both wet and dry, even in light wintry conditions, making it a suitable choice in Great Britain's unpredictable weather conditions.

Order premium Continental tyres now on eiretyres.com. Also, choose a nearby fitting station from our wide network and your new tyres will be delivered directly to the chosen workshop for mounting.

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