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Yokohama Tyres


Yokohama tyres – quality all over the world

With its base in Tokyo, Japan, Yokohama has been an active tyre manufacturing company since 1910. At some point, it was a joint company with B.F. Goodrich, where they made a name for themselves on the global scene. In Japan, you will most likely find this brand under the name of ADVAN, since it was redesigned. In 1969, Yokohama separated itself from the other branches and made a name for itself by bringing its own production. Currently, they sell Yokohama tyres for any type of motor vehicle, from motorcycles to personal and commercial cars and trucks. It even sponsors several racing competitions and supplies them with tyres, since they are the most recommended for these events.

Yokohama tyres – friendly to the environment

A set of high-quality tyres shouldn’t let you feel every bump on the road, which is why Yokohama works thoroughly on the suspension of the tyres. Their models are also environmentally friendly. They reduce the output of greenhouse gas and environmentally unfriendly substances. This, in turn, prevents unnecessary fuel consumption, allowing you to drive more miles than usual. Safety is also an issue, and Yokohama created a tread pattern that will clutch the road firmly so that you will not lose control at any turn. The grooves in the pattern do the same thing by channelling the water and snow (depending on the tyre and weather). You can find Yokohama tyres on eiretyres.com, the online retailer that provides accessories for all types of cars.

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