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Yokohama Summer Tyres

Yokohama summer tyres – dynamic development over the years

Yokohama is a tyre manufacturer that was originally founded in 1917, in Tokyo, Japan. The company experienced significant growth from that stage, as in 1969, it reached the U.S. market, being known as Yokohama Tire Corporation. What contributed to its dynamic rise was the use of state-of-the-art tyre technology. Hence, at the moment, the brand is known as the seventh most extensive tyre producer in the world, having more than 120 companies in numerous countries, just to name a few – Germany, China, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, India, Russia, and so on. After nearly 100 years of experience in this industry, Yokohama is known to have released top quality Yokohama summer tyres for each vehicle.

Yokohama summer tyres – safety during summer

When it comes to summer tyres, things can get fairly complicated. Some may think it is not as dangerous as it is with winter tyres – but unlike winter tyres, there is no longer any snow to “bury the pattern” in. If you slip, that’s it. This is why you will need a tyre with a special pattern, as well as a certain type of rubber that will enable you to keep your control over your driving. The Yokohama HPT Limited, for example, was made from special silica that increases your steering responsiveness around corners but also improves your braking performance in high-temperature situations. Rolling resistance was also decreased, therefore reducing the noise level – allowing you to have a quiet, peaceful drive. These fuel-efficient, high-performing Yokohama summer tyres were made to allow every driver to travel in comfort, even when the high temperatures would make it seem unlikely for you to do so.

Yokohama UK – ensuring your vehicle’s performance

Each driver looks for a set of tyres that offers an improved vehicle performance while keeping them 100 percent safe, and making driving more enjoyable. The offer of summer tyres released by the manufacturer features world-class tread technology, which provides maximum grip. According to expert reviews, the design aims at resisting lateral deflection, while facilitating enhanced cornering and optimal comfort. It’s very difficult to compare Yokohama tyres like these to any other brand since the advantages are fairly significant. If you want to experience all these features while driving, visit eiretyres.com, and select the tyres that meet your vehicle’s specifications. Yokohama tyres UK prices will vary depending on the model that you choose, but the prices there are generally low – even if the resulting product is of high quality.

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