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Uniroyal Winter Tyres

Uniroyal winter tyres – Belgian quality and high-performance

Managing to pass the test of time successfully, Uniroyal is already a well-known company whose foundation was built more than 100 years ago. As the inventor of the rain tyre, this Belgian company designs one of the best-received types of tyres in the world. The tradition continues to produce the same high-quality Uniroyal winter tyres even today, under the Continental AG. Not only are Uniroyal tyres trustworthy, but also come in great designs and are equipped with modern technologies that make every road trip safe and successful. For more than 100 years, Uniroyal managed to score positively in every test and offer every driver great control of his car.

Uniroyal winter tyres – ideal choice for harsh weather conditions

Low temperatures and slippery roads are only a matter of past with these tyres. You do not even have to notice the cold season has come with Uniroyal winter tyres, as they enhance your car’s traction stability control systems and braking control system. This way, you and the other passengers will be able to enjoy winter trips and stay safe during the journey. Not only are these tyres efficient, but they also come at highly competitive prices that allow you to save money and keep safe at the same time. These tyre models come after the manufacturer has closely analysed the street conditions and this is why they are perfect for your vehicle and your safety. You get good manoeuvrability, good grip and great efficiency during the cold season!

Uniroyal winter tyres – great for all types of vehicles

Every driver can enjoy the benefits brought by Uniroyal winter tyres, as they come in many models to match every vehicle. MS Plus 77 are perfectly designed to match SUVs and fast cars with their density and a high number of fine sipes. MS Plus 66 aims at offering drivers of small and compact vehicles the chance to feel safe and confident and Snow Max 2 brings many benefits to all the drivers out there as well. As you can see, with Uniroyal winter tyres, you’re all set to enjoy every winter travel. All these models can be found on eiretyres.com, a trustworthy source when it comes to choosing the right tyres for your vehicle.

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