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Starmaxx Tyres


Wide range of Starmaxx tyres

Starmaxx manufactures tyres for passenger car, SUV, light weight truck or off-road equipment used in industrial, construction, earthmoving, and agricultural vehicles and aircrafts. Starmaxx is a part of Petlas Corporation which has a AQAP-110 Industrial Quality Assurance and 9001 Quality System Assurance Certificate. When it comes to manufacturing high quality tyres, Starmaxx is a household name. The brand currently manufactures tyres for a wide range of vehicle types and these tyres are exported to over 100 countries worldwide. The brand also boasts in having a well stable distribution network around the world in the renowned tyre markets.

What makes Starmaxx standout amongst others?

At Starmaxx, special details are given to unique quality approach, innovative mission and leadership mission. This enables constant growth rate at Petlas Corporation and securing its well-earned reputation in the international markets with customer oriented production and high quality.The design engineers at Petlas Corporation have years of experience and expertise in creating a product that evolves with the customer demand. In course of that, engineers also put emphasis on maintaining the core values that the tyre delivers.Values such as comfort, longevity, good traction, reduced noise and increased grip are top priorities for the brand. The products provide noiseless comfortable ride with perfect control with its optimized structure and profile. The aesthetic computerized design makes sure that the tyres give you calm and quite ride experience. At eiretyres.com, we have a wide range of Starmaxx tyres. Buy now and save big!

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