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Starmaxx Winter Tyres

Starmaxx winter tyres – at one glance

The tyres for the Starmaxx brand are made by Petlas Tire Industry Co. that was established in 1976 in Turkey. Due to the continuous wars and operations (e.g. Operation Cyprus), the country developed a new mentality where the need for defence was met with national resources. Eventually, Petlas was established as a State Economic enterprise and began manufacturing fighter aircraft tyres for the Turkish air force. Now it provides anything from passenger car tyres to (light) trucks, agricultural equipment, construction vehicles and aircraft tyres. Therefore, if what you want is a set of Starmaxx winter tyres, the company produces that as well.

Starmaxx winter tyres – conquering winter

The winter tyres created by Starmaxx are all about safety. Even when you come to a sudden stop, the grooves were made wide enough to improve braking performance on both ice and snow, but also to provide good water draining. The sipes are mostly Z-shaped to improve the handling on icy and snowy roads, while the computer-designed block arrays were meant to let out the minimum noise. Your overall driving comfort will expand regardless of the road conditions. Look for Starmaxx winter tyres on mytyres.co.uk and experience working with experienced tyre retailers from Europe.