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Kormoran Tyres


Kormoran tyres – Polish engineering for every car

Kormoran tyres are made in Poland by Stomil Olsztyn. It has a reputation for making tyres for trailers and agricultural vehicles. These products are mainly known among truck drivers because of their durability and approachable price tags. Michelin bought this company, and after its acquisition, Kormoran has sold over one million tyres all around the globe in just five years. These tyres can also be found in light cars and SUVs, which means that even the average car owner can have tyres that bring performance and quality at an affordable price. Do yourself a favour and choose quality tyres.

Kormoran tyres – your car will thank you for a smooth drive

Kormoran tyres raise the bar when it comes to quality and performance for every type of vehicle. Quality is what these products inspire, and it’s reflected by the high endurance. Performance is another factor that these tyres possess as they offer not only a smooth ride but they can also save you gas money in the long run. These items are resistant on hot terrain, cold weather, and wet roads. You can get tyres for an individual season or the all-season type. It’s up to you, and your choice will always be a good one with Kormoran. All these qualities are completed by the fact that these tyres are made to have little impact on the environment. Feel the performance by getting the Kormoran tyres from the eiretyres.com digital store.

Choose quality and high performance:

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