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Kormoran Winter Tyres

Kormoran winter tyres – 50 years of quality

When Kormoran first came into the business, it was named after the people living in Mazuri and Warmia, named the “cormorants.” Having its origin in the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Kormoran needed to have good traction all the way through. Regardless if it was for straight or tarred, wet or dry road, Kormoran needed to ensure that the safety and comfort of the passengers were at high levels. After a lot of thought and plans, they developed various models of Kormoran winter tyres as well.

Kormoran winter tyres: safe and steady

When winter comes, your vehicle needs to have a special set of tyres that can withstand the slippery conditions caused by snow. Regardless if it’s soft snow or hard ice, you’ll need to make sure that you have the proper grip on the road. This is exactly why the Kormoran winter tyres were designed to provide you with superior comfort and a good wet and dry grip. The special pattern allows for water elimination, ensuring that regardless of the road type, your car won’t slip. Look for such tyres on mytyres.co.uk and learn how it feels to acquire good quality at a fair price.