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Kleber Winter Tyres

Kleber winter tyres – Michelin or go home

What does Michelin have anything to do with Kleber? Well, it’s simple: the brand Kleber is owned by Michelin. The history of this brand is much more obscure and hard to fathom than that of any other given brand you might think of. BFGoodrich, another name that has a deep resonance in the industry of tyre-production, created a factory in Colombes, a town in France. In the ‘30s, the production was moved in Paris, on the Kleber Avenue, to be more precise, hence the new and enduring name of the brand. Eventually, Kleber severed its relations with BFGoodrich and became an independent tyre producer until it was offered a buyout by Michelin. From there on, as they say, it’s history. Perhaps this offered you an answer to your question of who makes Kleber tyres? Now, you can get your hands on some Kleber winter tyres and all the snowy roads in the country will be at your mercy.

Kleber winter tyres – among the highest-rated

A Kleber tyres review can give you some pretty valuable insight as to how great the Kleber winter tyres are. They’ve proven time and time again that there are plenty of good reasons why they’re in the top of great tyres you can get at an affordable price. For starters, they improve the traction, braking distance and the comfort of your car. Secondly – and no less important – their wet grip is virtually infallible. Drivers were amazed at how well these perform in all sorts of hostile road conditions. Some brands promise all sorts of things and deliver less than half of those. As for Kleber, everything’s true, from low consumption to traction. Get some Kleber winter tyres and you’ll be all set for years to come.

Kleber winter tyres – special tread pattern

The tread patterns found on winter tyres aren’t there for aesthetic purposes. They have an extremely important role: to chew into the snow. On top of that, they don’t allow water to freeze and potentially crack the tyres. When you drive the car, the patterns churn the water and the sludge, which improves the traction of the car on adverse roads. If you want to experience the Kleber winter tyres at the fullest, go to eiretyres.com and look around for those that fit your vehicle.

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