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Hankook Winter Tyres

Hankook winter tyres – power with Hankook winter Icept Evo2

Given that Korea is one of the leading countries in the production of tyres, the fact that Hankook is a Korean brand should not come as a surprise to many. The brand was founded in 1941, so it’s exponentially younger than giants like Michelin or Goodyear. That, however, didn’t stop it from becoming a well-known name in this industry, having reached over 20 thousand employees all over the world and having generated profits of over 7.5 billion KRW (won) per year. Hankook winter tyres, especially the Hankook Winter Icept RS2 205/55 r16 and the Hankook Winter RS2 185/65r15, are recommended for all drivers, regardless of the car they’re driving.

Hankook winter tyres – great budget tyres

All-season tyres are considered as an alternative to winter tyres and they might just be, but only to a certain extent. The thing with these is that they’re prone to cracking and losing grip in winter conditions, even though many manufacturers will lie about their capability to withstand freezing temperatures and prolonged exposure to water and ice. The winter tyres, on the other hand, have a different composition (for starters, the rubber that goes into making them is tougher than the common one), as well as an enhanced grip on the road thanks to their unique tread patterns. We know that it’s tempting to drive around with all-season tyres thinking that they’ll offer all the protection you need, but you’re jeopardizing your safety. Install Hankook winter tyres on your vehicle and you won’t need to worry about going into skids and potentially losing your life.

Hankook winter tyres – the ice-eaters

Many drivers make the mistake of valuing price over quality more often than not. This makes sense – few people are billionaires. However, the price isn’t everything. You can easily pay a stellar figure for tyres that will crack within a week or a rather modest price for highly qualitative tyres. Hankook’s tyres fall into the second category of things. They’re quite affordable for how well they’re made. There are plenty of reviews you can read at leisure if you’re not convinced as of yet. With all of these being said, we’ll leave you with the thought that you can get some excellent Hankook winter tyres from eiretyres.com, the store that will always hold quality in high regards.

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