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Hankook Tyres


Hankook tyres – unmatched feasibility

Hankook Tire was founded in 1941 in South Korea, Seoul to be more precise. 76 years is not that long a period in the history of a company, but throughout this time, Hankook has managed to secure the 7th place in the top largest tyre companies in the world. With over 21,000 employees and sales that reach almost 7 million dollars, Hankook is pursuing its path to fame. The company also provides Hankook tyres for motorsports, and they’ve sponsored a lot of sports events, like the Prodrift in Ireland and the Formula D in North America.

Hankook tyres – they’re like steroids for your car

Hankook manufactures and commercialises tyres for racing competitions, SUVs, light trucks, buses and passenger cars. This way, they encompass the entire spectrum of vehicles. All the products sold by the company are made with their Kontrol Technology. This is a unique mixture of certain implementations that facilitate the command between your car and the road (the skidding, control and braking are enhanced). Thanks to the same technology, the fuel consumption is considerably decreased. Noise and vibrations are also reduced, so that you can enjoy the most comfortable ride you’ve ever had.
Whatever you want, Hankook will surely meet your needs. Since their tyres are available in 180 countries, you will most probably find a retailer that’s close to you. And you just did: look for Hankook tyres on eiretyres.com, and you’ll definitely find the right products for your car.

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