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Gislaved Summer Tyres

Gislaved summer tyres – low rolling noise and excellent grip

Gislaved is one of the top Swedish tyre manufacturers with long-lasting experience in engineering. The company’s focus is on crafting tyres that are meant for difficult, challenging driving conditions – the Gislaved Eurofrost 5 and the Gislaved Nordfrost 200 directional being among their top selling winter tyres. That is to say, Gislaved is an acknowledged expert in manufacturing winter tyres, being classified as a safety expert. Nonetheless, when it comes to Gislaved summer tyres, things aren’t any different. Gislaved has reached a leading position in the industry by consistently developing new, enhanced tyre designs for a wide range of vehicles such as vans, SUVs, or passenger cars. The company’s core values include providing the following for its clients: driving comfort, safety, and optimal grip irrespective of the weather conditions. In other words, Gislaved is your champion for peerless grip.

Gislaved summer tyres – perfected profile design for an optimal performance

If you browse for a Gislaved tyres review, you’ll find that these products rank high in terms of quality and reliability. For instance, Gislaved summer tyres are recommendable for both short and long distances – being the right fit for wet and dry roads alike. Summer tyres alone can deliver outstanding grip levels on wet and dry roads, due to the special tread patterns and the unique tread compounds. What is more, a differentiating element would be that they offer excellent mileage performance in summer temperatures. Another aspect that ensures the performance of summer tyres in the heat and rain is the unique tread compound that contains sticky additives, which optimise the grip. At the same time, this tread blend facilitates sufficient stiffness so that the tyres retain their original shape in spite of the temperatures.

Gislaved ultra-speed tyres – are they worth it or not?

If you’re still wondering if the Gislaved summer tyres are worth the investment or not, perhaps you should give them a try, and see for yourself. While the company has established a legacy of producing winter tyres, this doesn’t mean that their summer tyres aren’t worth a chance. This brand has been eager to reach the top, by supplying excellent quality, being dedicated to continually improving its products. And that is the key characteristic to reliable brands. We invite you to give Gislaved a chance and order your tyres from eiretyres.com – our online shop has everything you need for your car.

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