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Gislaved winter tyres – an expert in ensuring maximum grip

Gislaved symbolises 110 years of experience in designing tyres for harsh driving conditions. Due to its Swedish heritage, the tyres created by Gislaved always fulfil the demands of the most challenging roads. Thereupon, these tyres always promise to master unpredictable weather conditions with brio. In 1893, Gislow brothers founded the company. From that point onward, the company stood up for outstanding quality and innovative spirit. In 1905, the manufacturer designed the very first Swedish car tyres. Over the decades, Gislaved continued to increase its sales, relishing worldwide success. The manufacturer is an expert in supplying optimal, uncompromising grip – the directory of Gislaved winter tyres proves that.

Gislaved winter tyres – handle winter terrains like a pro

Maintain your lifestyle active, and don’t let the weather outside stop you! By choosing a set of high-quality Gislaved winter tyres, you no longer depend on the weather outside, because they will face harsh weather conditions without compromising on your safety and comfort. The winter tyres designed by the Swedish manufacturer are featured by improved snow and ice traction technology, to maximise your grip on the road. This is the type of performance that each driver will enjoy. Visit and select the product fitted for your car.

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