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Continental All season Tyres

Continental all season tyres – German engineering

Continental is one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world, having a long tradition in the automotive industry. Since its inception in 1871, this company started as a rubber manufacturer. The German giant specialises in many parts for cars or other means of transport, including braking systems, interior electronics, and chassis components. The tire division of the company began operating in 1987 and continues to innovate to this day. They sell tyres not just for cars, but for bikes and motorbikes as well. However, this description focuses only on the Continental all season tyres, which are available for cars. Their main customers include many big names from the auto industry, such as Volkswagen, Ford or BMW and that should speak about their trustworthiness.

Continental all season tyres – innovative efficiency

If you are concerned about which product obtained the most rewarding tyre review, we can say that the Continental AllSeasonContact seems to be a fan favourite. The crème de la crème of the Continental all season tyres, the aforementioned product is advertised as an innovative resource that guarantees safety regardless of the season without sacrificing efficiency to serve its purpose. Among its main characteristics that were displayed during the Continental all season Contact test, you can find proof of an impressive grip. This is suitable to use during winter time, on both snowy and wet surfaces. Also, this doesn’t mean that the efficiency on dry summer roads is sacrificed; on the contrary, these tyres work tremendously on such roads as well. When it comes to how they dealt with the rolling resistance, Continental put their money where their mouth is. They built a product that offers one of the best displays of performance in the industry.

Continental all season tyres – resins and silica

It’s no surprise that this manufacturer managed to stay and thrive in this industry for so long. One of the factors that contributed to this was its capability to innovate, for sure. Continental all season tyres work great on both snowy and wet roads because the engineers developed an all-season compound. We’re talking about the Winter Performance Resins that are combined with a high silica fill rate, leading to an extremely flexible product. The Traction Silica Compound is a key signature of the new Continental AllSeasonContact, helping it achieve a great level of adaptability. That’s why they work on both snow-covered and dry summer roads. If you are convinced, then head on to eiretyres.com and order your new Continental tyres.

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