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Barum Tyres


Barum tyres online

The Czech brand Barum with a good reputation for value and quality is a member of the Continental family – one of the world’s largest and most renowned tyre manufacturers. Barum’s mission is to provide highly reliable tyres at prices that will appeal to those who are reluctant to invest in more costly premium models.

Virtually any startup manufacturer can provide low-priced products, but a serious economy brand offers value. With the force of an industry titan like Continental behind it, Barum has no trouble at all achieving this goal. Barum tyres favour balanced driving characteristics, with safe, predictable handling and stability in every situation.

Quality materials and high production standards also ensure good scores for reliability, comfort and fuel consumption. Our online shop offers you a great selection of Barum tyres for nearly any vehicle make or model. Order hese quality products at the most competitive prices now, at eiretyres.com.

Choose quality and high performance:

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