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Barum all season tyres – Czech quality

Based in the Czech Republic, Barum is a tyre manufacturer that has quite a history. Without overexplaining things, it was at first, part of Bata Shoes, a company from Czechoslovakia that was known for making rubber-soled boots. To avoid high costs, the mother company had its own fleet of vehicles and since importing tyres was pretty costly as well, in 1934 they decided to make their own tyres. After surviving a fusion with two other companies and a seizure by the state, Barum was created. They continue to exist today, making much-appreciated products, such as the Barum all season tyres. For more info, you can access the Barum tyres Wikipedia page.

Barum all season tyres – safety in every weather condition

If you’re done with the Barum wiki and you want to get into the specifics of the Barum all season tyres, then let’s dig in. The Barum Quartaris 5 is an all season model that guarantees a great feeling of safety that is crucial when driving on various types of roads. Because it’s an all season product, this kind of tyre is able to properly function no matter what kind of weather it encounters and it will allow you to adapt regardless of the driving situation. It is incredibly important to have a set of tyres that will offer you safety at any given moment. This way, you will be able to concentrate better on your driving and avoid accidents.

Barum all season tyres – reliable braking

You probably know by now the importance of a set of tyres in a car’s overall performance. Barum all season tyres are capable of offering you a braking performance on which you can depend, especially on snowy days. They are optimised to work during the winter because they display a pattern carefully designed. This pattern allows for an increased safety during driving and you will benefit from short braking distances on roads covered by snow. Even in the dry season, you will observe the stability ensured by these tyres. This feature will lead to a more precise handling of the vehicle and a secure braking system on dry roads. If you are convinced by their performance, then you can access and choose whichever size is suitable for your car.

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