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Tyres for TOYOTA MR2

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Toyota MR2 tyres – striving to attain higher performance

Toyota’s provenance lies in the Japanese weaving industry. Sakichi Toyoda was the man who created the first automatic loom at that time. In the aftermath, more precisely in 1918, he established Toyoda Spinning and Weaving Company. His unique invention diminished the defects linked to automatic looms. The principle of fostering innovation has stayed at the core of the company ever since. The loom made such a strong impression, and afterwards it was sold for no less than £100,000. Thanks to this impressive sum, he and his son were able to take the business to a higher level, by entering the competitive automotive industry. They invested in state-of-the-art technology, and in 1936, the first car wearing the name Toyota was introduced. If you’re looking for Toyota MR2 tyres for your vehicle, choose quality, above all.

Toyota MR2 tyres – safety gives you freedom

Select a set of Toyota MR2 tyres that enhances cornering, braking and handling, in most weather conditions. Additionally, find a product that limits the rolling resistance, which, in turn, improves fuel economy. Enter eiretyres.com, and search for the tyres that will enable you to get a first-rate performance out of your vehicle.

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