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Tyres for TOYOTA Carina

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Toyota Carina tyres – created for your needs

The Toyota Automobiles company began as part of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. In 1937, the company was entitled Toyota Motor Co. The first vehicle designed by the manufacturer was introduced in 1935. Four years later, since the company sought to embrace innovation and engineer modern cars, a research centre was established, and one year later, in 1940, the Toyota Science Centre was founded. After World War Two had ended, Toyota engineered a prototype for a small car, since this was a segment ignored by other automotive producers. In 1949, the car was introduced in Japan, and the maximum speed it reached was 54 miles per hour. Even though the economic situation in Japan was bad at that point, Toyota continued to produce vehicles until today, such as Toyota Carina, Toyota Carina tyres, Toyota Camry.

Toyota Carina tyres – your champion for optimal safety

Why does your choice of Toyota Carina tyres matter? Tyres have the following functions: to ensure steering precision, traction, safety and comfort. Opting for first-class tyres doesn’t only maximise your safety, but your Carina’s performance as well. Opt for high-quality only – go to eiretyres.com, your go-to shop for finding affordable and top-notch products.

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