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Tyres for SUZUKI SJ

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Suzuki SJ tyres – the need for a practical car

Michio Suzuki was the figure who commenced Suzuki’s incredible history. In 1909, he founded Suzuki Loom Works, which focused particularly on building weaving looms. Additionally, the company made an innovation in the domain by inventing a weaving machine, which was afterwards exported. Albeit its remarkable success, Suzuki still wanted to attain more, which is why he focused on the automotive industry next. Since there was a sheer need for practical, small cars, he wanted to fill the demand. Nonetheless, during the war, building vehicles accounted for a luxury. So, this had to wait until 1955, when, after producing various prototypes, the Suzulight was finally released. Apart from the Suzulight, the manufacturer created various other cars such as Suzuki Jimmy, Splash, Ignis, as well as Suzuki SJ tyres, always designed for the needs of the customers.

Suzuki SJ tyres – excellent performance, in spite of the road

Driving equals enjoyment only with the suitable set of Suzuki SJ tyres. When the vehicle’s performance is minimised by a product that lacks in quality, you can no longer take pleasure in driving. However, you shouldn’t settle with that; enter eiretyres.com and select the set of tyres engineered for your car’s specifications.

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