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Tyres for SUZUKI Liana

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Suzuki Liana tyres –meeting the demands of customers

Suzuki was established in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 1909. Its founder was Michio Suzuki. Initially, it was part of the textile industry, being entitled Suzuki Loom Works. It made a significant breakthrough in the domain, having invented an innovative weaving machine, which was further exported. In spite of its remarkable success, the manufacturer wanted to accomplish higher performance, considering the consumer demand for small, reliable vehicles. Hence, that’s what he did next. After having built numerous prototypes, in 1955, the first vehicle was officially introduced, namely, the Suzulight. Thanks to the innovative engine, they produced a full range of vehicles, and later on, conquered the North American motorcycle market, continuing to expand ever since. Suzuki Carry, Baleno, SJ, and Suzuki Liana tyres are products that prove the innovative approach of the producer.

Suzuki Liana tyres – elements that shouldn’t miss your attention

The Suzuki Liana tyres should be selected by taking into account the tread design, which determines the vehicle’s steering precision and grip performance. Additionally, the weather climate is important as well. In a nutshell, your performance is influenced by your choice of tyres. Go to eiretyres.com, the online shop that provides tyres furnished by reliable suppliers only.

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