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Tyres for SUZUKI Baleno

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Suzuki Baleno tyres – building a legacy in the automotive industry

The founder of Suzuki, Michio Suzuki, started a business in the textile industry in Hamamatsu, a seacoast village. He was manufacturing automated looms. The company was successful at first, but, as the years passed by, the founder comprehended that, in order to accomplish higher revenue, he had to embrace diversification and versatility. This is what he did in 1937. At that time, Suzuki engineered the first car model, with 13 horsepower. Nonetheless, when World War Two burst, the production of passenger cars was a luxury, which forced him to return to the textile industry. Nevertheless, that soon changed, as during the 50s, Suzuki released various models such as the Suzulight 2D, the Suzulight SS, a pickup SP, which was the most successful. In 2016, the manufacturer revived the Suzuki Baleno, as well as additional products – Suzuki Baleno tyres.

Suzuki Baleno tyres – dare to drive as you want to

When browsing for Suzuki Baleno tyres, it’s important to look for variables such as fuel efficiency, tread design and tyre specification. At the same time, you must take into consideration the weather conditions, and style of driving. A high-quality product can aid you to rediscover driving, and enjoy it to the fullest. Find such a product on eiretyres.com.

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