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Tyres for SUBARU WRX

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Subaru WRX tyres – embracing novelty and innovation

Innovation and constant change secured the company's position in the automotive industry. The Subaru WRX concept goes back to the early 1990s, more precisely, in 1992. The WRX was released in two alternatives – waggon body and sedan styles. Two years later, the producer introduced the new STI version, which was featured by some mechanical improvements. For instance, the suspension and transmission were stronger, and it had 250 horses. In 1996, the style of the car was updated, and the vehicle had more power. The next improvements were made in 2004, when the car was introduced in America. However, the enhancements didn’t stop here, the 2008 model was characterised by a radical design, which made it look innovative and appealing. Hence, the growth in demand for Subaru WRX tyres was inevitable.

Subaru WRX tyres – important features

Similar to cars, tyres are characterised by numerous features, which will help you distinguish them. Some ensure excellent noise reduction, some maximise the fuel efficiency, while others are created particularly for challenging driving terrains. Before choosing your Subaru WRX tyres, it’s more than recommended to establish the features that work best for your specific driving needs. Visit eiretyres.com, the shop that considers the needs of each driver.

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