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Tyres for SUBARU BRZ

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Subaru BRZ tyres – embracing versatility and variety

Subaru stands for uniting, referring to the six stars logo encompassing six companies under the FHI group. The largest of the stars symbolizes Fuji Heavy Industries. It was initiated in 1917, in Japan, as an aircraft research laboratory, which soon started manufacturing airplanes. After World War Two, the producer engineered a scooter, namely the Fuji Rabbit, built from spare parts from planes. Afterward, the company was separated into distinct businesses, which produced scooters, engines, coaches, and chassis. At that time, CEO Kenji Kita thought that manufacturing cars might be a good idea. Thus, the very first Subaru vehicle was designed in 1954 – the Subaru 1500. In recent years, more exactly, in 2013, the sports car Subaru BRZ was released and was very well-received. Hence, the production of Subaru BRZ tyres was boosted.

Subaru BRZ tyres – an important feature for your safety

Thanks to the ever-growing advancements in tyre technology, together with years of experience, manufacturers present drivers with an extensive variety of Subaru BRZ tyres. Looking for high-quality is primordial. This way, you can ensure maximum safety for you and your entire family. eiretyres.com is the shop that presents tyres engineered by the world’s leading specialists in the industry.

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