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Tyres for SKODA Citigo

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Skoda Citigo tyres – an intriguing history

The incredible history of the manufacturer dates back to 1895, more than one century ago, when two brothers established a bicycle repair shop in the Czech Republic. As their variety of bikes was growing in popularity, they started producing motorbikes, and afterwards, cars. Skoda Citigo is featured by a compact design, which, nonetheless, conceals a spacious interior, with plenty of room in the back. Drivers can choose from various models, the three-door and the five-door model, depending on their needs. In 2016, Skoda Citigo was awarded the best city car, in the Car of the Year Awards. Hence, it goes without saying that the popularity of the vehicle is ever-expanding, as well as its accessories, alloy rims and Skoda Citigo tyres.

Skoda Citigo tyres – accessibility and quality for mid-sized cars

The choice of Skoda Citigo tyres is primordial. The tread design, for instance, has an immediate impact on the grip performance, since the tyre is the only point that enters contact with the driving terrain. Thereupon, the performance of the tread is paramount. Also, the tyres support the weight of the car while transmitting traction and braking forces. Choose the right product for your vehicle on eiretyres.com.

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