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Tyres for SEAT Exeo

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Seat Exeo tyres – the history of a model

Car manufacturer Seat was established in 1950 and has earned a prominent spot in the automotive industry, progressing since its founding date. In 1953, the very first Seat car model was launched, followed by other successful releases, such as the 850 model in 1966. The next step was exporting products to Columbia, and a remarkable achievement was producing one million cars in 1968. In 1974, the company earned the 8th spot in the top of the best European vehicle manufacturers. The Seat Exeo, accompanied by Seat Exeo tyres, was initially designed as a large family car, which was codenamed Bolero. Exeo is derived from the Latin word exire, which means to go beyond. It was initially launched at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, and drivers could choose from a 5-seater saloon, 4-door, or one car body style.

Seat Exeo tyres – enjoy safe driving

If you wish to enjoy safe and comfortable driving, choose your Seat Exeo tyres wisely. Always opt for the right size, and take into account the driving terrain. The choice of tyres shouldn’t be taken lightly. Visit eiretyres.com to find the right accessories for your vehicle, at the right prices.

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