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Tyres for ROVER Metro

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Rover Metro tyres – history of a top car producer

Rover is a British brand that remained a top manufacturer in the industry, ever since its establishment in 1904. After having produced the first modern bicycle in 1885, the first automobile was released – the two-seater Rover Eight. In 1912, a new model was designed, namely the 12hp, whose production was genuinely successful, so profitable that no other cars were produced at that time. During the First World War, they designed lorries and motorcycles. The Rover Light Six became unusually popular when it won the Blue Train race and drove with the maximum speed of 60mph. Many drivers still opt for Rover and Rover Metro tyres, due to features such as reliability and quality at an affordable rate.

Rover Metro tyres – the right choice for an unparalleled performance

Your Rover Metro tyres should encompass the ideal mixture of fuel economy tyre, and innovative tread design. This way, you can enjoy excellent braking and optimal handling when cornering, regardless of weather conditions. If you want to maximise your car’s safety while driving, replacing your tyres with a high-quality product, which fulfils the most important variables is quintessential. Don’t rush your decision. Browse for the right tyres available on eiretyres.com.

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