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Tyres for ROVER 45

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Rover 45 tyres – legit manufacturer

The legacy of Rover goes back to 1885 when J.K Starley – the founder of the brand, designed the Rover Safety Bicycle, which was a major innovation of the moment. The first car the company produced was Rover 8, in 1904. In time, it was developed, and transformed into a vehicle that was very well-received. In 1927, Rover Light Six reached the maximum speed of 60mph, and it became particularly famous as it was faster than the train from Calais to the French Riviera, known as The Blue Train. Rover has consistently shown its interest in innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Today, additional products such as Rover 45 tyres, and other vehicles, are still widely met.

Rover 45 tyres – find the right tyres for your vehicle

Two main aspects are of great importance when choosing a set of Rover 45 tyres – optimal safety and driving enjoyment. Excellent handling, precise steering, reduced noise and fuel efficiency are crucial aspects each enthusiast driver should consider in his/her quest for finding the right tyres. With the development of state-of-the-art tread design, these benefits are accomplished. Go to eiretyres.com, and rediscover driving with a set of tyres that maximise your car’s performance.

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