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Tyres for ROVER 400

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Rover 400 tyres – performance above all

In 1885, the Rover Safety Bicycle was released, which was appraised as the first modern bicycle. It was so well-received, that in Polish, bicycle is translated into Rower, due to JK Starley’s unique invention. In 1904, the first Rover car was produced, which was worth £200. It was a two-seater, that didn’t have a roof, suspension or windscreen. Albeit, the automobile underwent different stages of development and brought the firm a lot of revenue. In 1948, the Land Rover was released, which was inspired by the traditional American Jeep. The vehicle was supposed to make the transition between light trucks and tractors, in a post-war market where luxurious cars didn’t sell. The Rover 400 has been a popular choice for families; thus, many drivers want to purchase Rover 400 tyres for a boosted performance.

Rover 400 tyres – the next generation of high-quality tyres

If you wish to benefit from an improved vehicle performance, choose the Rover 400 tyres that have an advanced tread technology, to ensure optimal handling, steering, and precision. The even dispersion of the water is facilitated, with the implementation of modern technology. Enter eiretyres.com, the online shop where you can purchase a high-quality product.

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