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Tyres for RENAULT Scenic RX4

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Renault Scenic RX4 tyres – passion for development

The founders of Renault – three brothers, Louis, Marcel and Fernand – proved their passion for technology and innovation from the early stages of the business. Louis – an aspiring engineer had designed a range of prototypes, before founding the Société Renault Frères, in 1899. In 1908, Renault released no less than 3,575 units, which made the company become the biggest car manufacturer of the time. Acknowledging the importance of publicity, they started getting involved in motor racing. That facilitated a significant growth in sales. The company produced a wide variety of cars, until today, which is why Renault is one of the most preferred brands, whether we’re talking about cars or additional products such as Renault Scenic RX4 tyres.

Renault Scenic RX4 tyres – performance at attractive rates

Choose your Renault Scenic RX4 tyres by taking into account a set of key features. Consider the wet grip of the product, which measures the way in which the tyre performs when the terrain is wet. Simultaneously, fuel efficiency is typically determined by the rolling resistance of the tyre – the lower the resistance, the more fuel efficient is the product. Visit eiretyres.com, and choose maximised performance above all.

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